Vaishali Wagh

Vaishali initially had symptoms of a cold along with difficulty breathing. She was diagnosed with congestive heart disease.

Vaishali Wagh is 16 years old and lives in Shendi, which is 10 km (6.2 miles) from the Meher Free Dispensary. She came to the Dispensary initially for symptoms of cold and cough, as well as difficulty breathing. When she was seen at that time by MFD physician Dr. Bhandarkar, he thought something more serious was occurring and referred her to the Civil Hospital in Ahmednagar. They treated her for a more minor ailment, but she didn’t improve. She was seen again by Dr. Bhandarkar who referred her to Dr. Pathak, a cardiologist. Dr. Pathak diagnosed Vaishali with congestive heart disease. She was successfully started on treatment by Dr. Bhandarkar, who continues to follow her case since 2011.

Vaishali has 2 brothers—the younger is in school in the 9th standard while the eldest is 18 years old and in the 12th standard. Her father is a farmer but he doesn’t have his own land; he works other people’s farms, and earns a low income.

When Vaishali and her mother come to the Dispensary, they walk from Shendi because transportation is too expensive for them. Her mother said that they don’t have enough money to purchase the medicine or pay doctor consultation fees. Vaishali’s mother said they are very grateful that Dr. Bhandarkar is so concerned about her daughter’s case. She said they are also very happy that the Meher Free Dispensary is providing their medicines and doctor visits for free.

The photo shows Vaishali and her mother at MFD.