About a year ago Tukaram developed asthma, but had no money to purchase the medicines to treat it.

Tukaram Giri is a practicing ascetic, one who seeks God and lives his life with only the basic necessities of life. He stays in a temple close to Lake Paithan, about 106 km (66 miles) north and east of Meher Free Dispensary. The temple there is dedicated to Eknath Maharaj, the 16th century Perfect Master who lived and is buried in Paithan. At the temple he helps perform arti and puja ceremonies. Tukaram is single and has no children and no income. Before Paithan, he was living in Aurangabad, which is about 120 kms (75 miles) from the Dispensary.

About a year ago Tukaram developed asthma, but had no money to purchase the medicines to treat it. Then one day he was walking from Paithan to Pandharpur (a distance of about 250 km or 155 miles). As he was walking along he began to feel giddy and developed trouble breathing and fell down. It so happened that he was at a point near the Dispensary, so a local village man brought him there for treatment.

He was seen at MFD by Dr. Bhandarkar (the managing physician) and treated for both his giddiness and his asthma. After a few days Tukaram felt much better and continued his journey.

Tukaram was very happy with the treatment he received from MFD and the atmosphere there. He now returns monthly for treatment, walking the distance from Paithan to the Dispensary.