Samindra doesn’t own a farm and works a laborer to earn money for her family. But it wasn’t sufficient for her medicine.

Samindra Thorat is a 60 year old woman who lives in a small village called Takli Miya (north of Rahuri), about 35 km (~21 miles) from Meher Free Dispensary. She travels to MFD because of her asthma. Samindra has had trouble with asthma for 18 years now. Before coming to MFD, she took treatment with a local doctor from her village, but she had only minor relief. When her breathing became labored, she would have to take a nebulization treatment. But when the power went out (very common in the area) she could not get her nebulization. And if she didn’t take the nebulization, she would continue to be short of breath.

She doesn’t own a farm but works on other people’s land as a hired laborer. This way she can earn some money for her family. However, the money wasn’t sufficient for her medicine and her family.

Some people in her village were coming to Meher Free Dispensary, so, in July of 2009, she decided to come with them. Happily the treatment she received at MFD was so effective that she no longer needed nebulization to breathe properly. Now she can work in the fields and at home and feel good. Plus, she does not have to pay for her medicine, so her money stretches much farther and she is able to cover her expenses and help her family.
Samindra has 2 sons. The elder son is 40 years old and works in a food shop, while the younger is 35 and drives a truck. Both sons are married with wives & children and have their own homes. Samindra is very happy now that the burden of her asthma and the expense of her medicines have been lifted from her shoulders by MFD.