Kastura was paralyzed for 8 years. Her son Suresh took her to many private hospitals, but they were unable to help her.

Kastura Dethe is 65 years old. She is from Burhanagar, about 20 km (12.5 miles) southeast of Meher Free Dispensary. She was paralyzed for 8 years—during that period she couldn’t stand or sit. Her son Suresh took her to many private hospitals in the nearby city of Ahmednagar, but they were unable to help her and sometimes she had reactions to the medicines. Day after day her plight grew worse—not just the paralysis but also increasing pain.

One day in February of 2009, an acquaintance who was an MFD patient talked to Kastura and her son about the Dispensary. Desperate, Suresh brought his mother to MFD. After seeing Dr. Bhandarkar there and receiving his treatment, she began to have relief within the first 2 months. Soon after, she was able to sit and stand well and, then, started walking again! Now she comes monthly to visit MFD for her medicine.

Kastura related recently that she feels very healthy with her treatment: she can eat, walk and sit well. She has two children: one boy and one daughter and both are married. Her son Suresh is a tailor. He has blood pressure and heart problems since 2009. Suresh noted that he is feeling much better through his treatment, also. Monthly, mother and son rent a rickshaw and come to the Meher Free Dispensary.

Suresh said they are very grateful and happy at Meher Free Dispensary. He and his mother are receiving effective treatment and all is free for poorer patients like themselves.