Gitaram has had aching over half of his body for 3 years. Gitaram is poor and couldn’t afford the prescribed medicine.

Gitaram Suryawanshi came for the first time to the Meher Free Dispensary with his wife, Kamal, from Brhami, about 20 km (~12.5 miles) north of MFD. Gitaram, who is 51, and Kamal, 45, both work at a Brick Factory as labourers. They live at the factory because they can’t afford a house. Gitaram and Kamal have 7 children–1 boy and 6 girls. One of the girls is now married and living in Pimpalgaon Malvi Village (near the Dispensary).

Gitaram has had tingling and aching over half of his body for about 3 years. He went to another private hospital but wasn’t relieved. Gitaram is a very poor man and couldn’t buy the prescribed medicine from a local pharmacy because of the cost.

One day his relatives told him that Meherazad Meher Free Dispensary provides free medicine to poor patients. He and Kamal journeyed to MFD together, as she also needed treatment for painful knees. Now Gitaram feels happy that he and his wife can see the doctor and receive treatment at the Dispensary in an affordable manner. Gitaram and Kamal are pictured at MFD.