Gangu has had a form of paralysis. A private hospital suggested that her son sell his farm to pay for treatment.

Gangu Bappu Karale is now 95 years old and is from Kamat Shingve, 50 km from Meher Free Dispensary. Gangu has had a form of paralysis since 2004. Her eldest son, Eknath, took her to private hospital in Ahmednagar but she could not get any relief. The doctor told him that his mother’s treatment would be very costly–about 70,000 Rupees ($1167 by today’s exchange). When Eknath replied he didn’t have that much money, the doctor suggested that he sell his farm.

But Eknath did not sell his farm and spent 1000 to 1500 rupees (~$16-$25) monthly to purchase his mother’s medicine. After few months, however, he ran out of money and couldn’t purchase any more medicine. One day an MFD patient recommended that Eknath take his mother to Meher Free Dispensary, where the medicines are dispensed at no charge, along with the consulting, lab and other services. So, Eknath brought his mother, Gangu, to MFD.

Gangu began her treatment from MFD in 2006. Before treatment she could not walk, had no appetite and also had tingling sensations in both hands. After her treatments at MFD she began feeling better and slowly improved. Now she can walk, eats well and has no tingling. She is very happy with her treating doctor.
Gangu has 5 sons. Her elder son, Eknath, brings his mother to the dispensary every month and they get a month’s worth of medicine. They are very happy that Meher Free Dispensary is serving poorer patients like themselves.